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Celebrate this Christmas with Kjong safari ltd in Murchison Falls Park’s Paraa safari lodge built in 1954 and hosted a number of celebrities and legendarily like, Britain’s Queen mother, Ernest Hemingway, Katherine Hepburn and Humphery Bogart. Located in the northwest of country and overlooking the River Nile as it journey from Lake Victoria to join the Mediterranean Sea. The lodge offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure. The rooms come complete with private balconies and bathroom and decor reminiscent of explorer days and a swimming pool with a great view of the river below giving chance to view elephants and hippos. The Murchison fall park  is the country’s largest national park is named after one of the largest falls on the river Nile is home to large population of buffalo, elephants and several species of antelopes, the Rothschild giraffe and the elusive lion and leopard. The launch trip on the river Nile is a nice way to watch the aquatics such as the hippos, crocodiles and both the aquatic and terrestrial birds as you make your way to Baker’s rock to watch the waterfall make their way through six meter cleft while plunging from a forty meter height.
Wild Christmas itinerary   
Day 1: travel to Murchison falls and Ziwa rhino sanctuary

Travel after breakfast to Murchison falls national park, stopover at Ziwa rhino sanctuary to visit the rhino, the private ranch is home to twelve white rhino under the rhino fund international, where a breeding program is under way, with growth in number these will be introduced back in their former range which was Murchison, an hour interaction with a guide to explain the behaviors of the animal, Accommodation Paraa lodge and meal plan breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Day 2: Murchison falls national park and game drives
After breakfast head for morning game drive, the drive is scenic and goes to the delta area where the Victoria Nile joins Lake Albert. Murchison falls park is Uganda’s largest wildlife park the palm straddled grassland supports dense populations of lion, buffalo, elephant and Uganda kob, together  with the localized Rothschild giraffe and patas monkey, Immense concentration of hippos and bird.
Have a leisurely afternoon with at the lodge pool and again head out in the late evening for another game drive each drive give one different animal opportunity and experience with chances seeing cats come out to way lay their prey, Accommodation Paraa lodge and Meal plan breakfast / lunch/ dinner.

 Day 3: Murchison falls national park and afternoon boat

Have a leisurely morning and nice Christmas breakfast spend half of day at the lodge cerebrating have the morning to your selves, after lunch head for the jetty for the afternoon boat cruise on the Nile an opportunity to catch on the aquatics as you head to the foot of the Murchison falls where the Nile thunders through a small gap. The banks of the river are home to crocodiles, hippopotamus, birds and other animals that usually come down to quench their thirty, Accommodation Paraa lodge and meal plan breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba island is a peaceful home for the chimps that where rescued from different parts of Uganda, the island is located on Africa's largest lake "Lake Victoria" hence this indicates that it's surrounded by the peaceful natural waters of Lake Victoria. Ngamba island chimp sanctuary habituates up to 49 orphaned chimps rescued from different parts of the country. The sanctuary offers both day and night chimp trekking trips that enable visiting people to fully observe and interact with the primates.
Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary is surrounded by several islands over 80 in number, these islands form Kalangala district.
We arrange day tours to the island hence enabling you trek chimpanzees just with in one day for those interested in encountering our 1 day tour to Ngamba island follow the link for a detailed trip plan to the island. 1 day chimpanzee tracking safari in Uganda

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Leopards in Uganda.

Spotted Leopard in Murchison Falls National Park
A Leopard is one of the hardest large species to observe in Uganda, thanks to it's nocturnal, solitary behavior and well camouflaged coat. Their survival is partly due to their adaptability to warm and cold climates and ability to climb trees while carrying heavy prey keeping it safe from other predators such as Lions and Hyenas. Leopards are too shay animals that are rarely seen in open areas therefore this makes them most rare animals to spot out, Leopards in Murchison Falls National Park.

They can run at an incredible speeds of up to 58 km(36 miles) per hour, they commonly feed on Antelopes, Monkeys, Fish, Birds, Insects and Reptiles. Historically, Leopards were hunted because of their beautiful spotted skin as it was commonly used by most local leaders as a symbol of them being great warriors. This caused their decrease in number hence being scare to meet across the continent but these can be spotted out from some of  Ugandan National Parks on a lucky day. Leopard spotted out in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

In Uganda we can encounter Leopards from three different parks that include Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.  Visit our website: for detailed information about Uganda and it's most treasured wonders hence Book a trip to Uganda the Pearl of Africa and build a life time experience with rare primates like Gorillas.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Murchison Fall National Park in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda's Largest Park with a variety of animals to encounter, these include the African Lions, African elephants, African Buffaloes, Nile Crocodiles, Antelopes, Hippos, Leopards and it's famous habituated animals the Giraffe whose appearance might lead you to dought if it's not a cross breed between a Leopard and a camel due to it's physical appearance, the giraffe's swagger comes in as a result of it moving both right legs simultaneously, followed by both the left legs, it's the world's tallest land mammal where it's newborn stands at a height of 2 meters high hence enabling them eat the hideously spiky acacia of which it strips off leaves using its long dark purple tongue. 
This curious gentle giant fascinated Africa's prehistoric inhabitants who depicted it in cave paintings across the continent unfortunately these giraffe's where heavily hunted to use their trails for bracelets, fly swatters, threads for sewing and threading beads, Uganda's Rothschild giraffe is now one of the most endangered giraffe species with fewer than 700 in number remaining in the wild. Click the link for a discounted trip to Murchison Falls National Park hence encounter the world's tallest land mammal. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is one unforgettable encounters you will experience due to it's great scenery that include Tree Climbing Lions from the Ishasha section, Trekking Chimpanzees from a 16 km Kyambura gorge that also habitats other primates like the white and black Columbus monkeys, Forest elephants, Hippos and many other wild animals that move down the gorge to drink water from River Kyambura, a spectacular boat cruise on Kanzinga channel that connects to Lake Edward and George plus the late evening and early morning game drives that will enable you encounter several wild animals like the African elephants, African buffaloes, Antelopes, Hippos, Giant Warthogs, African lions e.t.c and not forgetting unique bird species since the park habitats over 1000 bird species that do migrate from the Rwenzori ranges and Congo forests in search of green pasture.  Click the link for detailed information about Queen Elizabeth and several trip itinerary.

Friday, 9 September 2016

New Born Gorilla In Bwindi

Discounted Gorilla Packages

It was joy and happiness in Bwindi impenetrable national park following the birth of a new baby gorilla on the 21st Of August 2016. The baby gorilla was discovered in area called Bushaho area on the 22rd august 2016 a day the gorilla was born to Bunyindo-One of the four adult females in Bushaho gorilla group. 
The group (Bushaho) is located in Nkuringo in the southern sector of Bwindi impenetrable

The birth of the new born brought the number of gorilla individuals in the group to nine (09) and the composition of the group is: 1 silver back, 1 black back, 4 adult females, 1 juvenile and 2 infants. Bahati, who leads the group is the only silver back in the group at the moment.

Kjong Uganda Safaris offers you various Discounted safari packages where you come and have an adventurous trek for the wonderful Mountain Gorillas. 
Visit Uganda and View these wonderful species where nearly half of the population is in Bwindi National Park Uganda. We have discounted Gorilla packages visit Uganda and BOOK a Trip with us.

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