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Friday, 9 September 2016

New Born Gorilla In Bwindi

Discounted Gorilla Packages

 It was joy and Happiness in Bwindi impenetrable national park following the birth of a new baby gorilla on the 21st Of August 2016.The baby gorilla was discovered in area called Bushaho area on the 22rd august 2016 a day the Gorilla was born to Bunyindo-One of the four adult females in Bushaho gorilla group. 

The group (Bushaho) is located in Nkuringo in the southern sector of Bwindi impenetrable

 The birth of the new born brought the number of gorilla individuals in the group to nine (09) and the composition of the group is: 1 silver back, 1 black back, 4 adult females, 1 juvenile and 2 infants. Bahati, who leads the group is the only silver back in the group at the moment.

Kjong Uganda Safaris offers you various Discounted safari packages where you come and have an adventurous trek for the wonderful Mountain Gorillas. 
Visit Uganda and View these wonderful species where nearly half of the population is in Bwindi National Park Uganda. 

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Friday, 2 September 2016

Top destinations in Uganda

Some of the Top  destinations in Uganda

Found in a private and luxuriant rain forest on its own private island on the Mighty Nile,  kjong takes to Wildwaters Lodge which offers the you an unforgettable stay. The expansive canvas covered traditionally thatched rooms each have private decks with bath tubs and wash sinks. Because of its location amidst the rapids of you will enjoy an unbelievable stay, cooled by the constant breeze from the racing rapids.

kjong safaris ltd presents Heritage Safari lodge,Sitting on the banks of the White Nile in Murchison National Park, Heritage Safari Lodge invites you to relax in its serene environment. Immerse yourself in the majesty of nature at the nearby hot springs and Karuma Falls, or the wealth of the local Acholi culture with the delicious local dishes and cultural performances at the lodge.
it has 7 Luxury rooms, 3 standard cottages, 3 safari tents

While there you can enjoy game drives, local cultural dance, river cruise, biking, hiking, nature trails, fishing, evening bonfire. 

With the majestic Rwenzori mountain range as a backdrop and the calm waters of the lake below, the lodge offers a stunning and peaceful haven for its guests. Set only 12km north of Fort Portal town the lodge is beautifully situated at the rim of the small crater lake, Lake Kyaninga and only 1 hour from the Kibale National park, home to over 1000 chimpanzees and other wildlife.

The Rooms available are 8 en-suite cottages with private verandahs,enjoy Swimming, fishing, sundowners, nature trails in Kibale National Park, spa, lakeside walks, tennis while there. 

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Apoka is a beautiful place with golden grass plains and jagged hills surrounding it, Apoka Safari Lodge is set in Kidepo National Game Park, the country’s remotest game park from the capital. Abundant wildlife will keep you transfixed as you gaze upon lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras and herds of buffalo.
The Rooms available are the 10 canvas covered suites come and enjoy game drives, star gazing, and swimming

Ngamba  chimpanzee sanctuary is surrounded by the peaceful waters of Lake Victoria, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to 49 orphaned chimps rescued from throughout Uganda. 

Island facilities offer day trips and overnight trips which provide exceptional opportunity to closely observe and interact with these fascinating great apes in this unique setting.4 twin-bed  rooms are available there and en-suite tents,come and enjoy kayaking, swimming on the equator, bird-watching, nature trails, fishing sunset cruises, visits to the chimp sanctuary

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Best Weather in the World

Uganda is Not only called the Pearl of Africa, But its  one of the best weather in Africa racking at Number One in Africa and at Number Five in the rest of the world, making Ugandabest Destination to book for your Holiday or safari because of the Good weather. Enjoy the sunset and Sunrise on your memorable holiday to Uganda.

This was published in the todays 10th August 2016 Ranking Costa Rica as Number one in the world and Uganda coming at Number five in the world and in the region Uganda is ranked Number One, seconded By Kenya and  Saudi Arabia coming at number 54 making it the waste weather in the world.
Look at Top 10 as published in the Diaspora messenger
            1. Costa Rica
            2.  Cyprus
            3.  Greece
            4.  Malta
            5.  Uganda
            6.   Kenya
            7.   Spain
            8.   South Africa
            9.  Mexico
           10. Portugal
Because of the Good weather Come and visit any of Uganda's Ten National parks contain fabulous variety of habitats, ranging from snow-capped mountains peaks and vast papyrus #swamps, to dark tropical forests and open savanna plains.

These diverse settings are home to an impressive range of wildlife including over 1000 species of birds, with many central African species at the eastern limit of their ranges. Mammals include numerous forest primates, among them chimpanzee and the rare mountain gorilla, while big game animals are to be found in the savannah parks.

 Visit “the world’s most powerful waterfalls”- Murchison falls national park
Queen Elizabeth national park known as “A medley of wonders”, Kidepo valley national parks “the True African wilderness”, Lake Mburo national park called “the whispers of the wild” Not forgetting the Mystical challenge at the Ruwenzori mountains and  Mount Elgon The world’s largest mountain Caldera

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Travelling to Uganda is now made easier.

Travelling to Uganda now has been made easier and simpler by the government of Uganda discounting tourist visa from $100 to $50. The internal affairs minister announced this on July 22rd, 2016.

You can get this visa at any entry point to Uganda, like Entebbe international airport and all border points of Uganda.
This mean that now book your safari to see wildlife in Uganda’s national parks like Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth and Kidepo valley national park. You can also book your Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safaris in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Kibale national park respectively with only $50, you have a lot to do in Uganda, think of the unique weather, the food and the different tribes of Uganda not forgetting the beautiful green vegetation cover.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

What you should know about Climbing Mt. Elgon

Climbing Mt. Elgon
Visiting Mt Elgon national park presents an exciting setting for extended hike, interesting and unique flora and fauna, magnificent water falls, enormous cave, scenic peaks, gorges and hot springs which bubble up at 480 o' C. The best times to visit are during the drier seasons from June- August and December to March. No technical climbing equipment or skills are required, as all major peaks are accessible.

Trekking trails, there are 3 main trails that lead you to the mountain peak called Wagagai at 4321m. You can choose to begin from Budadiri called the sasa trailhead or Kapkwata- Piswa trailhead.  Sasa trail is easily accessible from Mbale and is the most direct route to the peaks through steep with rugged climb of over 1600m on the first day. It pass through the parks largest area of bamboo forest. Sipi trail offers the spectacular Tutum cave hidden within extensive forest, while Piswa trail is renowned for towering pad carpus forest, an excellent place for wildlife viewing. In contrast, sipi abd Piswa trails start at much higher elevations with a longer more gradual climb to the peaks.

The full trekking circuit to the peak takes about 5(five) days to complete. All visitors are encouraged to discuss options with an information with your tour agent and Uganda wildlife authority clerk at any of the following places, Budadiri,Kapkwai or kapkwata information centers.

Camping is only in designated campsites and you need to prepare you camping equipment’s in advance.
Our recent Guest Being Briefed.

During the Hike you will be provided with trained ranger Guide on all the trekking excursions to show you the way and enrich your journey by interpreting the environment and ensuring your safety. Local porters make your trip even easier by carrying up to 18kgs of supplies, in addition for collecting water, cooking and preparing the camp. Trained rangers guides and local porters are available at each trailhead.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Africa’s Magnificent Wilderness.

Kjong Safaris offers you an ultimate wilderness safari to Kidepo Valley National Park which is listed among Africa’s best 10 parks. You know you’re in Kidepo when you start staring at the rolling savannah grasslands and the soaring mountains loomed in a distance, standing atop the hill truly glimpsing at the gorgeous Narus valley while wiggling your toes in the warm dry grasses with that wild remote feel which is too hard to resist. Looking down at the largest single herd of buffalo mowing down the grasses, watching the males use their bone shield horns to fight for dominance. Yes! This is indeed Africa’s magnificent wilderness, and you just got there!           
Buffalo herds

Stride slowly with our tour guide to one of the remote campsites which are situated atop the hill, fully equipped and supplied with firewood, which have a number of open thatched buildings with reliable network providing shade, shelter, water and clean drop toilets. Have a ranger find you a spot with incredible views across the Narus valley where you can also watch the sunset while relaxing in your comfort zone after the 13 hour trip from Kampala which was totally worth it.
Kidepo is at its best for wilderness lovers, wake up and watch the sun rise in a distance, jump in a car  with our tour guide and go for a couple of hours  game drive on the extraordinary landscape, exploring the bushes while admiring the outstanding features as you are enjoying the spectacular views and scenery. During the tour, you will see wild animal species that are found nowhere else in Uganda including the black-backed jackal, herds of Cape buffalo, elephants, the astonishing 20 feet Rothschild giraffe moving majestically and many others.
  Rothschild Giraffe

Our guide will continue driving up to the seasonal Kidepo River where you will get a chance to view more game including the cheetah, Jackson’s hartebeest, zebra and many others. There’s a great birding opportunity where you will get a chance to spot different birds of the 475 species including the Karamoja Apalis, Abyssinian roller, common ostrich, silver bird, secretary birds and many more.
 The Karamoja Apalis

During your holiday with kjong safaris, our tour guide will take you for a community walk which will help you to easily slip into the lives of the different tribes staying near Kidepo national park including the Karamojong people, an outstanding pastoral tribe and witness their daily life as you glance at their marvellous grass thatched houses. The  Ik, an amazing hunter gatherer tribe which stays up on the Morungole Mountain from which you can view the stunning features of Northern Uganda. Our guide will lead you to the gorgeous pools of hot natural mineral water called the Kanangorok hot springs which its water is believed to be heated underground and comes on top crystal clear flowing between the rocks and the grassy plains with big rocky outcrops. After this thrilling wilderness experience, you would opt to extend your Holiday!
 The Morungole Mountains 

   BY: Sharifah Nakawooya
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